Our Online Tree Cutting Estimator

If you want to generate your own tree removal or tree trimming bid.  Here is what it looks like. We’ve also included some frequently asked questions and a description of how to use it.  

The calculator is convenient and real-time. Also no need to give up any personal information to get a price! You can get the quote and decide from there whether to submit your information or not. 

The tree cutting calculation takes into account, the size of the tree based on the circumference, the location of the tree whether back yard or front yard, and whether it’s deciduous or evergreen. In addition, if there are any structures such as fences, sheds or gardens around it which could add to the cost.

You’ll also be able to break it out between tree trimming or outright removal. If it is tree removal, the calculator has an itemized stump removal quote as well.   

Tree Cutting Calculator FAQ

Q: What determines tree trimming and tree removal pricing?

A: The tree service processes and prices vary, and are generally contingent on:

Type of tree

Tree age


The structure surrounding the tree

Presence of power lines overhead

Our professional arborists do all we can to keep our prices competitive and affordable. And unlike many “tree companies,” we’re fully licensed and insured, so you run zero risk of liability when we perform work on your property.

Q: Can trees be trimmed in winter?

A: Sure. We use bark coloration, the presence of live tissue, and buds to determine whether any given tree is in its dormancy period. And for some trees, like fruit trees and American elms, it’s preferable to trim in winter. Request an evaluation for specific details on your particular tree!

Q: Can I get my tree stumps removed along with my tree?

A: When we remove a tree, we do so as close to the ground level as is safe and possible – potentially, this may leave a stump of 1” – 12” above the grade. We’ll be happy to remove your stump as well but bear in mind that this requires different equipment and is a separate service. See Stump Removal details for more.

How it works

Here are some screenshots to walk you through the process. 

After you visit www.freetreebids.com, you’ll see this screen. It works both on desktops or ideally a mobile device. Click start

Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of the target tree at the height of your chest.  Enter that number into the circumference field and it will automatically calculate the DBH which is the diameter of the tree at breast height.  Then you choose other structures that will affect the cost

Then scroll down to choose different aspects of your yard such as the location of the tree, what type of tree it is, and if there are any structures that need to be accounted for.  Once selected 

Click “Get Estimate” Then you’ll get the cost. Click “Continue” if you want to schedule the work. Keep in mind that the price may be adjusted if you missed some of the questions about gardens, yards, and fences. 

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